5 Things to Get Before Surgery

Top 5 Things to Get Before Surgery

  1. Wedge Pillow
    • Elevation is key to helping reduce your swelling.
      • The wedge pillow provides a sturdy support system to lift your leg.
      • Unlike a mound of pillows, it is going to keep your knee straight and you can even tuck a smaller pillow under your heel to provide the extra work on your extension.
      • BELIEVE US - you will be grateful for this pro tip!
  2. Shower stool (and removable shower head)
    • the shower stool is key. This gives you stability in the shower so you can just sit and don't risk falling
    • the shower stool can also come in handy when you go to the bathroom - you can have someone set it in-front of the toilet so when you sit down, you can rest your leg up on the stool. This comes from experience and can help make it a lot more comfortable.
    • HINT: you can always use an item around the house with similar height to the toilet - a bucket or small stool
    • extra extra: a removable shower head can be helpful if you want to invest the $30. It allows you to sit down in the shower and not have to balance while bathing yourself. The combination of these two items can work wonders in personal hygiene during the first part of recovery.

  1. Gear Up
  2. A Journal
    • You are going to go through a lot in this journey - writing things down has been proved to be a therapeutic exercise.
    • Set an alarm in your phone to journal once everyday for 5 minutes - that's it.
    • Doesn't have to be a long elaborate process nor does it have to be what you think journaling is. If you are more comfortable, create voice memos or videos.
    • Be creative. Use your journaling as a way to express your feelings and find an outlet for them.

  3. Movies - Books - Magazines
  • Food and water
    • post surgery your body is doing all it can to heal - you can help it by sleeping as much as you can and feeding your body properly
    • when you take your medicine, it is key that you eat something with it and drink water. Part of a bagel or half a banana were my go to when I had to take my medicine.
      1. **important to note we are not telling you to take the medicine. Just letting you know if you do choose to take it you are taking other steps to help your body **
    • Water
      • Constipation and dehydration is real during this process. Our bodies are made up of about 65% water - so when you are trying to heal, it is important to continue to feed your body something it can use.
    • Nutrition
      • Good nutrition always helps! But getting it is hard. We are big believers in the power of fruits and vegetables to heal and they synergy created within the body while taking JuicePlus. Click below for more information on this.

  • Let us know how this helped. What are you going to use or what suggestions do you have for other ACL CLUB warriors? Comment below

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